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Vacheron Constantin Historiques Replica Watches Vacheron Constantin Historiques series of history to give the Cornes de vache 1955, American 1921 and 1955 ultra-thin three of these collectors in the eyes of the legendary watch newborn. Pink gold or platinum material re-interpretation of the brand's legendary watch, was founded in 1755 in Geneva watch manufacturers into a new vitality.

Combined with a bold design and superb watchmaking skills, this classic watch followed by Vacheron Constantin 1955 launched the first waterproof chronograph "horn" ear design. As one of the three favorite models of the most favorite collectors, the brand to pink gold re-interpretation of this prototype was born in the postwar period of the watch, continued to provide creative inspiration for the spirit of the times. The combination of the classic tradition, subversive design and to the art, Historic Corner de vache 1955 table because of its "horns" ear design name, is very rich Vacheron Constantin unique original style works.

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